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Agincourt Learning's Tutoring Program's extensive online instruction website will serve all your needs in a multitude of learning environments

Reasons to Enroll

Enhances academic performance and increases test scores

Agincourt Learning’s Tutoring Programs is research-based and includes core skills commonly found on standardized tests. The program aligns to provincial and national standards and is guaranteed to improve academic achievement.

Student data from Agincourt Learning’s Tutoring Programs can be a good “indicator” to determine overall readiness for provincial testing requirements and identifying weak subject areas.

Saves money for students

Agincourt Learning’s Tutoring Programs is ideal for provinces in which students need to be “classified” to participate in Special Education programs.

Diagnostic testing assigned to students assists administrators by identifying learning potential and ensuring the provincial pre-requisites are met for attending regular or special education programs. In some provinces, schools have saved up to “twice the per-student” amount served for regular education programs.

Agincourt Learning’s Tutoring Programs helps to assist special education students to master the general education curriculum.

Serve multiple learning programs and students in unique settings.

Agincourt Learning’s Tutoring Program’s extensive online instruction website will serve all your needs in a multitude of learning environments such as a cross-curriculum reading and social studies program, special education programs, specific reading or math programs, workforce training, after school tutoring programs, pre-testing classes and intervention.

Agincourt Learning’s Tutoring Programs also supports migrant education students where portable learning and data collection are essential.

Decrease the number of students at risk of failing. Increase graduation rates.

Agincourt Learning’s Tutoring Program is self-paced and automatically personalizes instruction to help students reach core skill mastery. The program has successfully proven to motivate and encourage students who do not ‘fit’ into traditional learning settings.

Interactive and simple-to-use lesson formats and assignments “walk” students through a core skill within a subject area providing feedback and practice throughout the lesson.

Familiarize students with test formats. Decrease opportunities to cheat on tests.

Lessons are written in a format similar to provincial and national standardized tests helping students feel more comfortable with the test-taking process. Randomized questions make it virtually impossible for students to share answers.

Cover core skills necessary to reach higher learning goals.

Agincourt Learning’s Tutoring Programs currently offers 23 instruction modules. Over 1600 lessons, assignments and activities cover mid-level reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing, mathematics, language, algebra, science, information and workforce readiness skills. Students may choose from a variety of bundled or customized options.

Ensure continuity of curriculum by reinforcing traditional teaching methods.

Agincourt Learning’s Tutoring Program lessons engage students in the traditional learning styles.

Extend learning time in a secure environment whenever and wherever students are ready.

Effective in before, after and summer school programs as well as libraries, labs, community learning centres and regular classrooms. Agincourt Learning’s Tutoring Programs maintains a secure and confidential Internet website. This site is monitored 24/7 to ensure any time access.

Receive seamless product updates and eliminate installation issues.

New content, subjects, graphics and helpful interface tools are continually added to Agincourt Learning’s Tutoring Programs. A customer e-newsletter announces changes and new updates by email. Online format eliminates hardware and technical support issues common with other “off-the-shelf” software programs.

Excite parents and boost community learning spirit.

Parents love Agincourt Learning’s Tutoring Programs and appreciate this helpful technology which is an education tool to assist and increase their child’s learning potential. Agincourt Learning’s Tutoring Programs is great as a homework practice and resource tool.

Remediate adults to help them re-enter the workforce or prepare for further education.

Diagnostic and prescriptive tests quickly identify each student’s weak skill areas and prescribe individual instruction. Adult students can remain anonymous, work at their own pace feeling supported in their unique learning style and receive feedback and helpful hints throughout the program.

Save time and manual paperwork with automatically-generated reports that demonstrate and manage accountability processes.

Agincourt Learning’s Tutoring Programs can customize reports, tracks lesson assignments, time spent on activity, and pre and post-test scores.

Prepare students for success in the workplace with workforce modules and complementary instructional programs.

Agincourt Learning’s workforce readiness modules introduces student to concepts of work with real-life scenarios and critical thinking skills.



Math problem-solving lessons identify skill deficiencies and stimulate mental computation!


Students encounter a variety of reading interactions and focus on essential reading skills

Workforce Readiness

Lessons include activities critical to the process of selecting, obtaining, and maintaining employment.


Science curriculum provides comprehensive instruction which expands on the basics

Writing and Language

This program provides students with individualized instruction and enrichment

Learning Management System

An easy-to-use interface makes lesson assignments and generating student reports easy and effective. Examples of all the reports are available. See sample reports.

Reports monitor and demonstrate student’s progress, identify where help is needed, and provide communication tools for administrators and parents.

Agincourt Learning Tutoring program works because it diagnoses and identifies gaps in a student’s knowledge, prescribes instruction and then tests for mastery of a subject.

Ourmanagement system provides accountability by tracking individual and group scores, time-on-task, product usage, and lesson assignments. Real-time progress reports save teachers’ time, streamline the learning process, document results, and monitor student progress for teachers, administrators, and parents.

Management System Features

  • Makes Tracking Progress Easy
  • Nineteen reports help monitor student progress
  • Diagnostic tests identify student skill mastery and deficiencies and let the teacher customize each student’s assignment
  • Prescriptive assignments provide students with individualized help that align to standards
  • Adaptive lessons monitor student understanding and supply needed guidance and progress
System Requirements

Once the student registers online, they will receive an information package instructing them on how to proceed including the login information.

Our Tutoring Programs is designed so that the first activity will always be a pretest. Once a pretest is completed, the program will automatically assign specific lessons in identified areas of skill deficiencies to help reinforce the concepts needed for mastery.

To access the lessons, click on “Login” on the top right hand corner of the site and type in the User Name and Password. This information must be entered exactly as it appears and is necessary for the student to access the program.

Required Plug-ins

  • Macromedia Flash Player Recommended: Version 9 or higher
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader: Version 8 or higher

Additional Requirements
Display Settings

  • Minimum 800 x 600 (1024 x 768 recommended)
  • 256 colors (Thousands recommended)

Browser Settings

  • Javascript enabled
  • SSL 1 and 2 enabled
  • Access to secure pages
  • Access to Temporary Internet Files

Connection Speed
Minimum 56 Kbps

*Turn off Pop-up window managers

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