Thank you for the compliments

I started to seriously think on my true calling, my weakness, and my strength due to the teachers at Agincourt Learning. The Centre also introduced me to the wonderful friends I have now. Every single one of my friends all contributed to help me understand myself better than before. It’s because of this; I now know what “living” is truly all about. 



Jamie W. Grade 12

We are so pleased with our son`s progress. He made the 10th grade honor roll and even he himself credits the staff at Agincourt Learning for his improvements. His father and I can’t be happier with his progress since we started the tutoring 2 years ago. I have recommended Agincourt Learning to all my friends! 



Shan S. Father of Grade 11 Student

When I enrolled in Agincourt Learning I was told that I was nearly 3 grades behind. They helped me go over the things I have trouble with and develop strategies on how to overcome them and now I’m at my grade level and it feel great! 


Moe R. Grade 10

We first met Rene Dhani when he attended our DynaMIND Course and have known him for many years. We have always been impressed by his quiet strength, integrity, passion for personal growth, and positive orientation. His programs for kids are excellent! 

Janet and Jonathan Kramer

The Science of Happiness

Agincourt Learning helped me review my mistakes in Math, English, Reading Comprehension and Writing. Before coming to Agincourt Learning, I was not doing well in school because I wasn’t organized and I was missing many skills. Now I am reviewing my mistakes and improving in school. School is easy for me now! 



Shanthosh P. Grade 4

Agincourt Learning also helped me with my own self-confidence. Before I came here, I was always worrying about my progress and where I would go. Hate to admit this but perhaps video gaming was my way of running from my problems. Now I will come to terms with my mistake, learn from it, and moved on. Agincourt Learning helped me improve immensely; previously I was sitting around at 60-70% and now I’m making the honor role. Thanks Agincourt Learning! 


Terron T. Grade 6

My daughter improved from her experience at Agincourt Learning, she discovered new study skills strategies and now has more confidence in herself…We will continue with math and reading over the summer. Fourth grade is right around the corner! 



Sita R. Mother of Grade 3 Student

Agincourt Learning’s online lessons helped me with mental math, measurement, geometry and language. The teacher showed me that life has many obstacles and you require knowledge and intelligence to guide you through the different stages of life. I learned to be more organized with my knapsack and before it was like a jungle in there and now I have learned to be more neat, tidy and organized. 

Roger K. Grade 6

First of all, we would like to thank you for your tutoring so far in helping my daughter improve her knowledge and learning skills. We can see that her English and Math are much better, thanks to the lessons and exercises. She really enjoys learning and working on it. 

Juliette T. Mother of Grade 8 Student

I was introduced me to the visualizing program, which helped improve on my attitude and foundation in education greatly. It also improves on my creativity, as I now am always coming up with several vivid mental pictures. Because of my teachers care, diligence, and faith over a student like me that brought me up to the 80-90s, even to 97 mark in one of my subjects.  



Amanda D. Grade 8

Agincourt Learning made a significant impact in my life. My parents enrolled me at Agincourt Learning when I was in grade 8. If my parents didn’t send me here, I wouldn’t know where I would be nor would I be able to cope with my failures. Agincourt Learning changed me quite a bit over the past four years. 


Raquel J. Grade 12

Our daughter is now in fourth grade and her math skills are up to the sixth grade level! Her confidence about school has improved and so has her grades. Agincourt Learning has played a vital role in her new found attitude positive towards school. Thank you! 

Simon L. Father of Grade 4 Student

Before I enrolled at Agincourt Learning my grades were extremely poor and there was no chance of getting into College. I thought that I would end up working at a retail store for the rest of my life. Agincourt Learning helped me steadily increase my grade level, become more organized, practice good habits for example do not skip words that you do not understand and to be dedicated to all work that I do. Now I’m at Seneca College enrolled in heating ventilation air condition program (HVAC). 


William H. College Student

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