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Learning is a lifelong process
Agincourt Learning Counsellor and Life Coach

Our individual states of mind have a bearing on our lives. Stress, depression, anxiety and problems with self-esteem can take a heavy toll on our wellbeing. Other problems such as addictions, conflict and chronic illness can wreak havoc in our lives.

As a result of the direct link between the mind and body, physical problems can emerge from psychological ones. Therefore, taking care of our mental state is crucial to living a good life and also serves as preventative medicine, which helps deter organic illnesses that can and often do arise from life problems generating chronic stress.

What to Expect
  • Provides expert advice
  • Guides in effective situation management
  • Helps client think clearly
  • Provides instruction, motivation and builds self-esteem
  • Shapes your mindset to cope with situation
  • Creates a confidential environment to comfortably discuss personal issues
  • Provides support, encouragement and reinforcement
  • Advises on helpful resources
Meet Your Coach

As your personal coach, Rennie will be the powerful ally you need to motivate you when you are disillusioned, support you when you need help, challenge you when you are not putting your best foot forward and correct you when you deviate from your plans.  He will be the non-judgmental confidante you can turn to whenever and wherever you require help in your life’s journey.

Qualities of an Effective Personal Coach
Qualities of an Effective Personal Coach
  • Has personally achieved success with professional credentials to teach the skills a client is seeking to learn
  • Understands human psychology and preferably, is a qualified professional in the area of human functioning
  • Is diligent, attentive, watchful and disciplined
  • Understands motivational theory, the theory of change, what makes people successful, and how to help others achieve success
  • Is skilled at listening, articulating concerns and providing expert guidance and direction to help one succeed
  • Is well-balanced, easy to get along with, interesting, excited about life and willing to do the work necessary to achieve what one is seeking

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