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Our centre is a learning environment where students have a sense of belonging

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We at Agincourt Learning pride ourselves on being the best learning centre. Our centre is a learning environment where students have a sense of belonging. We create a rich, supportive environment with like-minded peers providing positive mentorship with qualified educators who genuinely care about the success of the students. We offer various after school program tutoring packages including private, individualized, one-on-one tutoring or group sessions. We utilize traditional paper based learning styles in conjunction with the latest online learning technology with each student being given their own unique login to ensure that students receive a well rounded education. We also specialize in catering for students with special needs including Learning Disabilities, Slow Learners, ADD, ADHD, Gifted, Dyslexia, Developmental Delay, Mild Intellectual Delay (MID), and Autistic. We take great pride in ensuring that our student with needs are given special attention and are treated in an appropriate manner. We also correspond with school officials to ensure that the student needs are being addressed. Agincourt Learning is more than just about getting help with your homework and passing your exams, it’s about leading a successful student lifestyle– we are The Wise Choice since 1998.

We believe that in order for students to be successful in school and life some immediate changes need to be made. Therefore we are pleased to offer the following services included in all monthly tuition packages. Book your personalized appointment with one of our full time educational coordinators today to discuss these benefits:

  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Learn about the technology of study
  • Boost self image and self confidence
  • Build Discipline and dedication
  • Help get rid of self defeating habits and attitude
  • Define and manifest academic goals
  • Learn about creativity and intuition
  • Protect and improve your memory
  • Maintain concentration for reading, studying and class lectures
  • Techniques for relaxation and stress management
  • Promote healthy diet and exercise
  • Learn about the pursuit of knowledge
  • Money management skills
  • University / College Guidance
  • Health and Fitness Counseling

Our after school program encompasses homework support as well as our award winning Reading, Writing, Math programs. We also focus on these important immediate goals:


  • Look up Vocabulary Words While Doing online Lessons
  • Write down new vocabulary words and meanings, bring to class monthly
  • While working on online lessons, use scrap paper and show all work – Do Not Chat or Play games
  • After lesson review errors
  • Don’t choose lessons – complete lessons in assigned order
  • Pay Attention in class
  • Make coloured notes and Organize Binder. Print Neatly
  • Record and complete homework
  • Preview Lesson before Class & Review Class Note before Homework
  • Read a novel daily
  • Healthy Life Style
  • Dedication, passion about work and play
  • House Chores, Community work and volunteer
  • Supportive parents: Set your own rules – don’t let your parents set them
  • Balance of work and play
  • Hard work leads to success
  • Follow knowledge with Action
  • Responsibility, Discipline, Be Humble, Honesty
  • Personal Responsibility

Agincourt Learning offers after-school in-centre programs from Monday to Thursday, and Saturday. Please note that spaces are limited for each time slot.

In Centre Timings: Monday – Thursday: 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Other timings available upon request.

Tuition Fees: Tuition rates start at $149.00 per month At Agincourt Learning, we believe that each student is unique and therefore requires personalized attention. We offer tuition plans to cater to various needs and budgets. Call us today and we will be happy to arrange a time to conduct an in person meeting to discuss your tutoring needs.

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