Agincourt Learning Online Program

Blended Learning

Agincourt Learning Stride offers a student-centered blended learning space, featuring:

  • Adaptive technology for individualized learning
  • Mixed-mode instruction to support struggling students
  • Compelling games to incentivize learning
  • And a healthy dose of independent online learning, blended with focused Face-to-Face instructional time.

Continuous Assessment

Diagnose student weaknesses from the first day of school, wasting no time in prioritizing foundational skill building and remediation. Regularly check mastery throughout the year with our automated Quiz Builder, GAP Assessments or Progress Monitoring Assessments. Document growth, and plan lessons using steady feedback and real-time data reporting.

Gaming To Learn

Emerging research shows that using games as an educational tool can foster deeper learning than traditional teaching methods alone. The integration of modern learning games into learning is proven to be highly challenging and constructive for students, as they:

  • Measure learning in a new way, through students’ ability to make choices
  • Stimulate self-motivation and persistence in meaningful work
  • Engage students through opportunities for interaction and self-expression
  • Help build gratifying and impactful relationships

Agincourt Learning Stride Academy offers both short-form and long-form game selections:

  • Short-form games deliver extreme motivation, engagement and short “brain breaks” to energize learning
  • Long-form games deliver lengthier, immersive learning experiences to teach concepts and develop 21st Century skills

Individualized Intervention

More efficient than any other adaptive program in the industry, Agincourt Learning Stride Academy’s Adaptive Technology goes immediately identifies the core root of the issue for a student and fine-tunes intervention precisely at the skill level. Targeted video lessons, printable lessons and technology-enhanced skills practice rapidly bring struggling students to grade level

The Adaptive Engine

How does the Agincourt Learning Stride Academy Adaptive Engine stand out from other programs? It remediates only the skill that a student has not yet mastered – not the entire strand to which that skill belongs. This saves valuable learning time for students, ensuring that they are focusing on the strands where they are struggling most, and not relearning skills in certain subjects.

PreK-High School Curriculum

Our personalized learning paths begin in early education, and support student success throughout high school. Our vast database of questions, problems, rationales, reading passages, video lessons and printable study guides are built by expert educators to deliver grade-level appropriate content and end of course content, aligned with the rigor of the Common Core, and individual state standards.

Automated Reporting

Flexible, on-demand reporting enables you to continuously monitor progress, inform instructional decisions and provide accountability. This allows you to generate data in a variety of formats in real-time and automatically email usage reports, diagnostic reports, student grouping reports and assessment reports at multiple levels: individual student, class-wide, school/site-wide, and district-wide.

A Multimedia Toolkit

Agincourt Learning Stride Academy students experience personalized learning through a multimedia toolkit of resources targeted at their individual needs – including adaptive skills practice questions, instructional video lessons and printable, offline study guide pages selected especially for them. These resources are embedded in the program, so students are literally a click away from accessing the help they need in that moment.